Kasumi is a story about a cheerful, optimistic, 16 year old girl who upon moving into a strange, new town receives the power of invisibility from a tree god. Kasumi soon learns that she is not alone and that there are others like her in her school with unique powers blessed by the tree god. The story is filled with comedic adventures of Kasumi trying to adjust to her new life at school, her mysterious powers and falling in love. Together with her new found friends, they seek to use their powers for good whilst escaping from capture by the evil hands of the "ORG"

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<note: Kasumi reads Right to Left and follows the original Japanese format.>


Hanabi is a Josei love story about a girl, Harumi Nakazawa who searches for the mysterious red flower from her past. Harumi becomes a Horticulture student, assisting the famous Dr. Emi Stratsbury, in hopes to gain clues to the whereabouts of her elusive flower. Along the way, Harumi meets Akira Takahashi, a total opposite in personality and an elite. Angry sparks fly when they meet. Will this irrational hate turn into love?

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<note: Hanabi reads Right to Left and follows the original Japanese format.>